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Tips for coping with anxiety during the pandemic.

Fixing them is not going to be quick, or worse, they may not be fixable. So what happens now? Clearly it’s time to brainstorm solutions for specific problems. Brainstorming solutions requires assessing resources, research and other complex tasks not coverable in this blog. But what we can cover are some of the helpful tips for the associated negative thoughts, emotions and the stressful body sensations. Still anyone and everyone can benefit from clearing a small area in your life to be kind to yourself with helpful tips. 

  1. Dump negative worries by writing each one down in as much detail as possible on a piece of paper. Then make and keep a promise to yourself that you will ‘brain storm’ them for one 1 - 2 hours every day after breakfast or choose another time but before dinner time. That time onward is your time. 
  2. Two to three times in the day take a moment to just breathe. Don’t engage your thoughts whether they are good or bad. Let them come and go. Take a deep breath in through the nose counting to four. Gently hold the breath for a count of four. Now softly release the breath for a count of six through slightly puckered lips. Notice the muscles in your body soften as you exhale. Do this four times and try to keep this relaxed and balanced feeling through out the day.
  3. Treat yourself to a walk in an area that helps you feel at ease, but invigorated and of course is safe.
  4. Call that person or make a time to contact that person you really appreciate in your life and tell them that. Then notice how that makes you feel. If it is positive, file that in your memory to indulge in in the future.

If you feel you might need more than tips then please consider contacting a mental health professional for a diagnostic evaluation and further guidance.

Estelita Marquez-Floyd, M.D. Dr. Marquez-Floyd is a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist in private practice in Walnut Creek and Napa California.

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