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You don’t have to have extreme indicators of mental health problems before considering a consultation. If you have bottled-up emotions and need someone to talk to, Dr. Estelita Marquez-Floyd can provide the psychiatric services and professional help you need. Our psychiatric care covers diagnosis and prevention as well. Come to our clinic in Walnut Creek or Napa, CA should you wish to consult our doctor. We cater to clients from ages 12 to 50 years old.

Complete Psychiatric Care

It’s easy to confuse normal feelings with actual mental health concerns. Mood swing is different from bipolar disorder as sadness is different from depression. Never self-diagnose when it comes to mental or behavioral health. Consult a professional for appropriate treatment. Dr. Estelita Marquez-Floyd offers complete psychiatric services, including mindfulness therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy or ACT.


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If you believe you will greatly benefit from our practice, feel free to connect with us. You can schedule a consultation with our psychiatrist via phone. We look forward to providing the help you’re seeking.


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